PKI Lab$1 Create Root CA

採用 easyrsa 來建立 PKI CA

Step by Step

  • Setting vars for Root CA

    export KEY_SIZE=2048
    export CA_EXPIRE=3650
    export KEY_EXPIRE=3650
    export KEY_COUNTRY=”TW”
    export KEY_PROVINCE=”Taiwan”
    export KEY_CITY=”HsinChu”
    export KEY_ORG=”Night9 Studios”
    export KEY_EMAIL=”[email protected]
    export KEY_OU=”"
    export KEY_NAME=””
    export KEY_CN=”Night9 Local Authority Root CA”

    • Source
    • 上面的寫法參考許多現有的 Root CA 的寫法, 特別是 KEY_CN KEY_NAME
    • CA_EXPIRE KEY_EXPIRE 建議設長一點, 如果設太短, 只要 Root CA expire 底下的 key 就得全部重簽
  • Create Root CA

    source ./vars

  • Check Root CA key and crt

    ls -la ./keys/ca.{key,crt}

  • Check Root CA crt Info

    openssl x509 -in ca.crt -text -noout

  • Show

    - 因為 Root CA 已經是最上層的, 沒人可以幫他驗證, 所以只能自己簽自己


Windows 7 USB Download tool

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但很多時候會遇到一個問題 We were unable to copy your files. Please check your USB device and the selected ISO file and try again. 此時就需要對 USB 做 Format 的動作

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