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黃秉鈞 Phil Huang 現於 Microsoft 擔任 Azure 資深雲端解決方案架構師,同時也是台灣唯一 CNCF Ambassador。曾任職於 Red Hat 及 VMware 擔任資深售前架構師之職,且具備 7 年以上的 IT 企業級基礎架構設計經驗。基於開源文化薰陶之下,對 Linux / Kubernetes / 雲地混合網路架構皆有技術琢磨及見解,且跟隨開源回饋的精神,將相關的知識以文章撰寫 ( 或於 Cloud Native Taiwan User Group 社群進行分享,相信透過開源技術和社群的力量,期望能夠幫助更多企業和使用者實現目標。
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Phil Huang
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Phil Huang, currently serving as a Senior Cloud Solution Architect for Azure at Microsoft, is the only CNCF Ambassador in Taiwan. With over 7 years of experience in designing IT enterprise infrastructure. Prior to joining Azure, he served as a Solution Architect at Red Hat and a System Engineer at VMware, where he gained extensive experience in implementing OpenSource culture and technologies like Linux, Kubernetes, and hybrid cloud networking.

In addition to his professional work, Phil is also dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experiences through writing blogs ( and speaking at the Cloud Native Taiwan User Group (CNTUG). Hopes to leverage the power of open-source technology and community to assist more enterprises and users in achieving their goals.